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For the first time, the story of House is written in chronological order and presents a true history of House, it's music and it's culture in Chicago.

Facts that do not appear in any other book or documentary have caused a fire storm! The words of DJ Danny Krivit were even proven to be untrue.

All previous works do not state the true origin of House in chronological order or, contain accurate dates of club openings or closings in Chicago. The accuracy of the facts written in this book shocked Chicago Musician / Producer / DJ Marshall Jefferson after he did personal research and found the statements in this book to be true.

This book contains the names of Chicago DJ's and others that assisted in the building of House but, have went unmentioned in all past publications. "From The Root To The Fruit of House Music" is the unselfish book of truth that tells the real story and will in-turn, change the history of House as the World currently knows it.

Published by First In The House, LLC.

Distributed by Omega Sound Inc.

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Autographed Copy paperback International $18.95 + $7.00 USD S&H

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